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Ajmer 92

“Ajmer 92: Unveiling a Dark Chapter on the Big Screen”

Ajmer, a revered holy city in India, known for its Dargha of saint Khwaja Moinuddin Chishti, bore witness to one of the most chilling social horrors in 1992. The notorious events of “Ajmer 92” continue to haunt the collective memory of the people. Now, this harrowing case is set to be depicted on the big screen in a film appropriately titled “Ajmer 92.”

Ajmer 92

The case revolves around a series of heinous crimes involving rape and sexual abuse, affecting over 100 women. Journalist Santosh Gupta played a pivotal role in uncovering the truth behind these atrocities when he reported on the crime in April 1992, exposing a web of secrets surrounding the case. Gupta’s report alleged that the perpetrators enjoyed connections with powerful individuals, including those politically well-connected and even associated with the Sufi Dargah in the town.

According to the report, the crimes involved a systematic pattern of sexual abuse and blackmail, with the majority of victims being school or college-going girls. The perpetrators would lure these young women to remote locations, where they were subjected to sexual abuse by one or multiple men.

The widespread abuse came to light in 1992 when Gupta’s story revealed the magnitude of the crimes, bringing them into the public domain. The revelations had a profound impact, shedding light on the dark underbelly of society and exposing the connections between the guilty parties and positions of influence.

“Ajmer 92” Film:
Directed by Pushpendra Singh, “Ajmer 92” has already garnered significant acclaim, as the trailer provides a glimpse into the harsh realities that prevailed during that period. The film delves into the disturbing events that unfolded, aiming to shed light on the systemic issues that allowed such atrocities to occur. With a focus on the social fabric of the time, the movie promises to offer a poignant portrayal of the victims’ struggles and the subsequent battle for justice.

Release and Expectations:
“Ajmer 92” is set to release on July 21, 2023, leaving audiences anticipating an eye-opening cinematic experience that forces society to confront its dark past. Through the powerful medium of film, this project aims to provoke conversations surrounding accountability, social hierarchies, and the urgent need for change.


The forthcoming film “Ajmer 92” serves as a stark reminder of the atrocities that shook the city and the profound impact they had on the victims and the community. By bringing this dark chapter of history to the forefront, the film endeavors to expose the hidden truths of society while urging audiences to confront the prevalence of abuse and work towards building a more just and compassionate world.





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