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Corruption Allegations Surround P.C.S. Officer Jyoti Maurya in Bareilly

 The alleged corruption case involving Jyoti Maurya, a Provincial Civil Service officer in Bareilly, has garnered significant attention as new revelations continue to emerge regarding her personal and professional life. The accusations and counter-accusations surrounding the case have left the public in shock and disbelief.

Jyoti Maurya, who previously served as a probationary officer in the Kaushambi tea subdivision from 2019 to 2021, has been accused of misappropriating funds acquired through corrupt means. Startlingly, it is claimed that she managed to accumulate an unofficial income of over six lakhs rupees in just one month, specifically in October 2021.

The twist in the case came when Jyoti’s husband, Alok Kumar Maurya, provided the media with a diary allegedly containing meticulous details of her corrupt activities. Alok discovered the diary, which meticulously documented monthly amounts that Jyoti supposedly received through unofficial channels, resulting in a staggering sum of 600,000 rupees each month.

Residing in Prayagraj and currently serving in the Panchayat Raj Department, Alok made a curious observation while going through the diary. He noticed swastika symbols both above and below each page, accompanied by positive phrases. Furthermore, every page highlighted money received from various individuals, with Alok claiming that the handwriting belonged to Jyoti.

The diary entries reveal monthly payments of 15,000 rupees to the supply inspector and 16,000 rupees to the marketing inspector, illustrating the alleged payments received through corrupt practices.

Jyoti Maurya and Alok Kumar Maurya entered into wedlock in 2010. Following their marriage, Jyoti underwent training and achieved an impressive rank of third among women and sixteenth overall in the Public Service Commission. The couple is blessed with two daughters.

Alok has expressed feelings of betrayal by his wife and shared concerns about the image she has cultivated over the years, which he claims now threatens him personally.

Investigations into Jyoti Maurya’s professional life are currently underway, and it is anticipated that further developments concerning the corruption case will unfold in due course. The public eagerly awaits more information as authorities delve deeper into the allegations, striving to uncover the truth behind the serious accusations against Jyoti Maurya.







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