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Syllabus of Rajasthan Administrative Services (RAS) Exam: A Complete Guide

The syllabus for the Rajasthan Administrative Services (RAS) exam is extensive and covers a wide range of subjects and topics. To provide you with an overview, I will discuss the main sections of the RAS syllabus. Please note that the syllabus may vary slightly depending on the conducting authority and the specific year of the examination.

1. Preliminary Examination:

The preliminary examination consists of two papers:

a. General Knowledge and General Science:

This paper covers topics such as current affairs, Indian history, Indian polity, geography, economics, science and technology, environmental studies, etc. Candidates should have knowledge of important events, national and international affairs, geographical features, economic concepts, scientific developments, and environmental issues.

b. General Knowledge of Rajasthan:

This paper focuses on Rajasthan’s history, geography, culture, economy, arts, and current affairs. Candidates should have a good understanding of Rajasthan’s history, geography, prominent personalities, folk culture, economy, and recent developments.

2. Main Examination:

The main examination consists of four papers, each carrying a significant weightage:

a. General Studies-I:

This paper covers topics such as history, art, culture, literature, traditions, and heritage of Rajasthan. Candidates are expected to have a comprehensive understanding of Rajasthan’s history, ancient civilizations, dynasties, art forms, literature, folk traditions, and cultural heritage.

b. General Studies-II:

This paper focuses on topics related to the Indian polity, governance, social justice, and international relations. It covers subjects like the Constitution of India, public administration, human rights, social issues, policies, international organizations, and diplomacy.

c. General Studies-III:

This paper covers subjects such as economics, budgeting, science and technology, and disaster management. Candidates should have knowledge of economic concepts, government budgeting, scientific advancements, and disaster management techniques.

d. General Hindi and General English:

This paper assesses the candidate’s proficiency in Hindi and English languages. It includes comprehension, grammar, vocabulary, prĂ©cis writing, essay writing, etc.

3. Personality and Viva-Voce Examination:

Candidates who qualify the main examination are called for the personality and viva-voce examination. This phase evaluates the candidate’s personality traits, communication skills, leadership qualities, and overall suitability for administrative roles.

It is important for candidates to thoroughly study each subject and topic mentioned in the syllabus. Additionally, current affairs and recent developments should be given due importance, as they play a significant role in both the preliminary and main examinations.

Please note that the syllabus may be subject to change, and it’s advisable to refer to the official notification or website of the Rajasthan Public Service Commission (RPSC) for the most accurate and up-to-date information regarding the syllabus and exam pattern for the RAS exam.


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