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TVF New Web Series ”Moolyaankan” || Sandeep Bhaiya

Approximately 2 years ago, the web series “Aspirants” was released on TVF (The Viral Fever). This web series was based on the lives of UPSC (Union Public Service Commission) aspirants, who face one of India’s toughest examinations. Most of you have probably watched it, as it beautifully showcased the story of three friends.

Now, TVF has released a new web series called “Moolyaankan,” which is based on the character Sandeep Bhaiya, inspired by the character of Sandeep Bhaiya in “Aspirants.” Sandeep Bhaiya, who was no longer pursuing UPSC, has become a mentor and is evaluating students at the ALC (Assignment Lobhur Commission) in the present timeline. However, the story takes a few steps back and shows the journey of how Sandeep Bhaiya reached this point, utilizing flashbacks.

Even after dedicating so much time, Sandeep Bhaiya faces numerous struggles, which are depicted in a brilliant manner by TVF. If a story and dialogues have strength, the audience’s love and appreciation are guaranteed. Sandeep Bhaiya’s life and his struggles are portrayed in a remarkable way. As a mentor, Sandeep Bhaiya is shining in his character and has become the center of attention. However, when he sees a girl who provides tiffin service and witnesses her own struggles, his determination doubles, and he starts evaluating her in exchange for tiffin services.

As soon as the web series was released, within 4 hours, a million viewers watched the first episode. The ending is filled with suspense and keeps the audience engaged. The tiffin service girl, Arushi Vamika, has now become an IPS officer, and Sandeep Bhaiya has returned to the same Mishra Coaching Center as an ALC. What lies ahead and what will happen will be revealed to you through the second episode on July 4th. Sunny Ahuja has portrayed the character of Sandeep Bhaiya, and he has truly become Sandeep Bhaiya in this role.

Stay tuned to discover the journey of Sandeep Bhaiya in “Moolyaankan” and witness how Sunny Ahuja has brought the character of Sandeep Bhaiya to life.


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